Un Natale da Chef

Gualtiero Saporito is a great chef but only in his imagination: no one could ever like Gualtiero’s dishes because he uses very strange mix of ingredients. But he does not give up!
One day his tenacity gets rewarded. Furio Galli, owner of a catering company, offers Gualtiero a work as head-chef for his company in a call for tenders for the next G7.
Furio’s idea is clearly shady: in order to save his company, on the verge of bankruptcy, Furio made a deal with his competitor. Furio will let his adversary win and in return he would have all his debts erased.
Meanwhile Gualtiero is busy with an assistant chef suffering from ageusia, that is the inability to smell and taste, a teetotaler sommelier and a pastry chef that is more used to come out of huge cakes half-naked than bake them!

RELEASE DATE: 12/12/2017
GENRE: Comedy
YEAR: 2017
DIRECTOR: Neri Parenti
CAST: Massimo Boldi, Dario Bandiera, Rocio Munoz, Biaigo Izzo, Paolo Conticini, Francesca Chillemi, Enzo Salvi, Barbara Foria, Maurizio Casagrande, Milena Vukotic  

SCRIPT: Neri Parenti, Alessandro Benvicenni, Gianluca Bomprezzi, Domenico Saverni
DOP Gino Sgreva
EDITOR: Luca Montanari
MUSIC: Bruno Zambrini
PRODUCTION: Mari Film srl, Ideacinema
DURATION: 97 minutes