The first movement of the Immovable

The childhood memory of the moment his father made him listen to a terrifying music, pushed the director onto the trail of his mysterious relative: the composer Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988).
While the director attempts to overcome an ancestral fear through a deep immersion in the spiritual soundscape of a visionary yet invisible artist, the spirit of Scelsi finds a new and disembodied expression in its ideal form: the sound wave.

Best first appearance 2018

Premio speciale della giuria 2018  

RELASE DATE: 30/01/2019
GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Sebastiano D’Ayala Valva
YEAR: 2018

EDITOR: Santi Minasi
MUSIC: Giacinto Scelsi
PRODUCTION: Ideacinema, Les Films de la Butte
COUNTRY: Italy – France
DURATION: 80 minutes