Matrimonio al Sud

Today for many young people, marriage is nothing more than a formality.
But what happens when those to get married are the son of a Norther industrialist and the daughter of a Souther pizzaiolo?
The ideal marriage for the first is sober and elegant but for the other is loud and excessive. Two opposite points of view. Of course, the religious ceremony will take place in the south because it is the where the bride’s father lives. The norther father must access enemy territory.
The war between the two fathers is unavoidable and hilarious. The couple and their love are at risk of being wrecked because of their parents. Will the North and the South be able to sign a peace treaty in the name of Love?

RELEASE DATE: 15/11/2015
GENRE: Comedy
YEAR: 2015
DIRECTOR: Paolo Costella
ACTORS: Massimo Boldi, Biagio Izzo, Paolo Conticini, Barbara Tabita, Gabriele Cirilli, Enzo Salvi, Debora Villa, Fatima Trotta, Luca Peracino, Ugo Conti, Loredana De Nardis, Carolina Marconi, Maria Del Monte, Salvatore Misticone

SCRIPT: Gianluca Bomprezzi, Paolo Costella
DOP: Agostino Castiglioni
EDITOR: Mauro Bonanni
MUSIC: Michele Braga
PRODUCTION: Mari Film srl, Ideacinema srl
STREAMING: Netflix, Infinity
DURATION: 100 minutes