L'Aquila - Grandi Speranze

L’Aquila, September 2010. One year and half after the earthquake that devastated the city. The historical centre reduced to rubble and shrouded in an unreal silence has become the symbol of a constantly postponed reconstruction.
That’s for everybody but not for Davide and his friends. For them those abandoned streets are a place of conquest, the only place where they can feel free, out of sight of adults, who are dealing with their own shattered lives, suspended between the end of the emergency and the uncertainty of the future.

RELASE DATE: 16/04/2019
GENRE: Drammatic
YEAR: 2018
DIRECTOR: Marco Risi
CAST: Donatella Finocchiaro, Giorgio Tirabassi, Giorgio Marchesi,
Luca Barbareschi, Valentina Lodovini

SCRIPT: Stefano Grasso, Doriana Leondeff, Angelo Carbone, Andrea Saraceni
DOP: Piero Basso
EDITOR: Mauro Bonanni, Alessandra Bonanni, Francesco Bilotti
MUSIC: Michele Braga
PRODUCTION: Ideacinema and Rai Fiction
DURATION: 6 ep. of 100 minutes