L'Amore non si sa

Denis, musician and womanizer, works in the neomelodic music business managed by the underworld and enjoys his life.
When he gets involved in a showdown, Denis understands that he can’t go on living in the underworld without taking action. Thanks to the love for Marian, transgressive and passional girl, Denis will find the strength to rebel against the system he has lived into until now.
His rebel action will be without heroism, tragedy or reconsiderations. Pure force of instinct. Pure force of Love.

RELASE DATE: 19/08/2021
GENRE: Dramatic
YEAR: 2019
DIRECTOR: Marcello Di Noto
CAST: Antonio Folletto, Silvia D’Amico, Diane Fleri, Gianni D’Addario, Giò Sada

SCRIPT: Pier Paolo Zerilli
DOP: Giuseppe Pignone
EDITOR: Sarah McTeigue
PRODUCTION: Ideacinema
DURATION: 95 minutes