Iago is to graduate at the University of Architecture of Venice.
He is a talented man but he is born of humble origins although he lives in a contest of aristocrats. Among those nobles stands out Otello, golden son of a famous architect and friend of the Dean of University. Otello will steal all Iago’s merits and will be appointed Chief of the Biennale exhibition design project. Otello will also take away Desdemona, the dean’s daughter, that Iago is in love with.
Iago will be able to unleash a fight by weaving a web of deceit and lies, recover what is rightfully his and win Desdemona’s love.

RELASE DATE: 27/02/2009
GENRE: Romantic Commedy
YEAR: 2008
DIRECTOR: Volfango De Biasi
CAST: Laura Chiatti, Nicolas Vaporidis, Aurelien Gaya, Lorenzo Gleijeses, Fabio Ghidoni, Giulia Steigerwalt, Luana Rossetti, Dioume Mamadou

SCRIPT: Volfango De Biasi
EDITOR: Stefano Chierchiè
PRODUCTION: Idea Cinema, Medusa Film, Cattleya
STREAMING: Netflix, Infinity
DURATION: 101 minutes