Più buio di mezzanotte

Davide is not a teenager like others. There is something in him, in his appearance, that looks like a girl.
Davide is 14 when he runs away from his home. His instinct, or maybe his destiny, will take him to the biggest park of Catania: Villa Bellini is another world that the city tries not to see. It is the world of outsiders, where La Rettore and his friends belong, peers of Davide and like him runaways from their families. When Davide gets accepted by this large and strange family, the past seems to vanish… until it breaks into the present and Davide has a hard choice to make, this time without the possibility to escape.

Nomination Grand Prix
Nomination Caméra d’Or
Queer Palm Festival di Cannes 2014
Premio Guglielmo Biraghi Nastro D’Argento 2014


RELEASE DATE: 15/05/2014
GENRE: Dramatic
YEAR: 2014
DIRECTOR: Sebastiano Riso
CAST: Davide Capone, Micaela Ramazzotti, Monica Guerritore, Vincenzo Amato, Pippo Delbono, Rosalinda Celentano, Lucia Sardo         

SCENEGGIATURA Sebastiano Riso, Stefano Grasso, Andrea Cedrola
DOP: Piero Basso
EDITOR: Marco Spoletini
MUSIC: Michele Braga
PRODUCTION: Ideacinema; in collaborazione con Rai Cinema
DISTRIBUTION: Luce Cinecittà
DURATION: 98 minutes