Come tu mi vuoi

Take an unkrempt girl but really combativ, who wonders about the modern dilemma: to be or to appear.
Then take a spoiled boy, beautiful and rich, the typical product of modern times: a concentrate of fashion, muscles and indifference.
Then try to put them together: two parallels colliding.
It could be the well-known tale of Cinderella and the Prince or it could be something else. Does Eternal Love still exist in this society? A society where the logic of appearance seems to be the only way? “Come tu mi vuoi” is a sparkling comedy that explores the relationship between the desire of feeling loved and the world of appearances.

RELASE DATE: 12/11/2007
GENRE: Commedy
YEAR: 2007
DIRECTOR: Volfango De Biasi
CAST: Cristina Capotondi, Nicolas Vaporidis,Giulia Louise Steigerwalt

SCRIPT: Volfango De Biasi, Alessandra Magnaghi
DOP: Tani Canevari
EDITOR: Stefano Chierchiè
MUSIC: Michele Braga
PRODUCTION: Medusa Film, Ideacinema
STREAMING Netflix, Infinity
DURATION: 95 minutes