About us

  Independent family film producers since 1952 

Ideacinema is a film and television production company, established in Rome since 2004 by Claudio, Federico and Jacopo Saraceni.

Claudio Saraceni - Ideacinema srl
Claudio Saraceni

Claudio Saraceni is one of the most prolific italian producers in business. He starts his carreer at the end of the 70s with his uncle, Fausto Saraceni, and other important producers such as Gianni Hect Lucati and Franco Cristaldi. In 1980 he starts his carrer as producer, coproducer and executive producer. He has produced movies directed by Federico Fellini, Giuseppe Tornatore, Lina Wertmuller, Maurizio Ponzi, Francesco Nuti, Sergio Rubini, Leone Pompucci, Neri Parenti and Alessandro Benvenuti among many others.

Federico Saraceni - Ideacinema srl
Federico Saraceni

Federico Saraceni: producer, executive producer, he is in charge of legal and financial branches.
He is responsable of international co-productions and documentaries, with an eye towards the development of new audiovisual languages.

Jacopo Saraceni - Ideacinema srl
Jacopo Saraceni

Jacopo Saraceni: producer and creative producer, he is responsible for the Development of new projects. He follows all the cinematographic and serial projects from the concept to distribution. His activity is focused on talent scouting.
As producer, he oversaw the executive production of Gabriele Mainetti’s films: “They call me Jeeg” (2016) and “Freaks Out” (2021).